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Kode’s Community Work

Kode’s Other Rap name “E-Raps” (Educational Raps)for Scholars. He made teacher’s lessons into rap songs.

Thank you for your donation to support what we are trying to build here at Zen Up Wellness. We are planning on opening a Middle School & High School.

Our school will be called the Middle School Academy, catering to up to 250 Scholars. Our programs will include culinary, gardening, aviation, and other vital skills and tools that help students achieve spiritual and financial success. Students will also learn yoga, reiki, handwriting, mindfulness, meditation, and proper ways to shut off electronics.

We appreciate any form of donations such as pencils, mops, chairs, and more. We also need financial support in the whole year’s budgeting and funding.

To donate, please fill out the form below. Your generosity and kindness will go a long way in helping others reach their dreams and unleash their total potential.

**All contributions will be monitored by the people who made donations to the school. All dollars will be accounted for up to the last cent.

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