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We create an intuitive way to bring you to your true self. Your imagination will bring you to the spirit that exists inside of you. We help you find yourself through meditation, natural resources, workshops, knowledge of self and the world around you, understanding the universe, and finding wisdom through all your human experiences. It’s time you see the Zen in you! Zen up! Virtual Services Available on Zoom!

Zen Up Wellness

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You are responsible for your Zen! Zen Up Wellness

Are you feeling conflicted? Have you lost interest in activities that you used to excel in? Is life feeling too much to bear? Are fear and ego preventing you from taking advantage of opportunities and fully exploiting your potential? Well, Kode of Zen Up Wellness is here for you. Society has set high standards that sometimes lead to people feeling inadequate and experiencing anxiety or depression, which most experts call mental health issues. However, we have chosen a different approach, calling it Shadow Work. This is an exciting, revolutionary concept in counseling, where we want to help you find yourself through meditation, natural resources, knowledge of self and the world around you, workshops, and using your experiences to make you better at making life decisions. We believe that it is time to Zen Up and unlock your full potential, since today is always a better day to be a better you!

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Our mission at Zen Up Wellness is to guide people towards the most effective path to unlocking their highest potential through a wide range of intuitive, well-researched, tested, and proven approaches that inspire, support, and allow struggling individuals to understand themselves and the world around them better. We aim to enable people to establish their identity, Zen Up, discover their higher selves, and overcome any fear as they tackle internal or external obstacles to achieving their true purpose.

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We aspire to be a renowned counseling services provider that will contribute to the healing of the world and a bolder, self-aware, and free population that can overcome fear and ego, discover their higher self, and harness their highest potential to create a better world for themselves and everyone around them.

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